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World Photography Day (WPD)

A flower’s view on WPD

It was way back in April 2015, after shifting to Delhi from Pune I decided to visit Agra along with some of my friends to see Taj Mahal. During that time I bought my DSLR camera just to click the photographs and not any other purpose. I was very new to DSLR world and did not even know the basic functionalities. We all know that DSLR is as common as mobile phones these days and any Humpty Dumpty can press the shutter button. I was none other than that because I thought I was just pressing the shutter button in DSLR what is so big deal about it. So it went like this for a couple of months and my friends used to tease me “dslr khareedane se koi photographer nahi ban jaata (Nobody can become a photographer after just buying a DSLR camera)”. This particular incidence changed my paradigm about what is big deal to yes it is big deal. So I decided to explore the world of photography in my own style and passion.

The very first photograph which I clicked was of a flower. Though later on, I fine-tuned my saw in other areas of photography also I cannot forget the flower’s contribution to my portfolio so I have decided to dedicate this photography day to flowers as a photographer. Let’s see what does it want to express today?

Yes, I am just the word “flower”. Today I am an expression of many feeling when a photographer locks me into his camera’s viewfinder. I am an expression of a different world of thought and imagination which a photographer perceives in his mind before actually pressing the shutter button.

Though I have all the expressions within myself such as feeling, colors, life, beauty, nature, energy, blossom etc. but all these are meaningless until they become my persona. Today I give every feeling of mine to the photographer who freezes all these moments and presents to the world as an expression of love and sacrifices.

My photographer gives all his efforts so my beauty can be presented in a most natural way. Before presenting my dream to the world, He lives those dreams in him first.

He designs the frame of imagination, exposure of lighting, depth of field etc into his mind. He sets the zoom at the most accurate level so he does not miss my detailing. He sets the angle and distance so as to capture the micro level tiny tissues.

He wants to fill the frame with all my beautiful colors. He wants to fill the photograph with blossoms of my colors and odor. The colors which emit the odor in the photograph, you might be thinking here how colors can emit the odor. But my colors are filling the space of photograph and only a photographer can smell it as he is the one who went into much deeper to feel and sense my colors.

This Mother Nature has an abundance of beautiful colors. Being a flower and part of the Mother Nature, I would like to request to preserve it.

Photographs are our real reflection in life. They tell a story if you want to hear. They give you a basis to live the moments in present and preserve the moments for future.

Let’s thank all the photographers on this World Photography Day. Let’s make this Earth a beautiful place to live for the generations to come.





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