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Photoshoot : JUNE  16th, 2018


       A heart touching photo story about the city called Pink i.e. LOVE ❤

Photoshoot: Project Jaipur
Sorry guys, it has been a hectic last month where I was busy collecting some of the beautiful moments from this beautiful city called Pink City Jaipur. The city has its rich heritage and culture imbibed in it from the time of Royal Rajputana. The royal king Sawai Jai Singh II was the founder of Pink city Jaipur (The City Of Victory) currently the capital of Rajasthan. We can understand the advancement of architecture at that time when he ruled the city from 1699-1744 and took a personal interest in building the first planned city of India.

          When I came to Jaipur last month I realized something special here. Basically, I traveled a lot to Jaipur but it looked different to me this time. I don’t know what was going on in my mind. It was like you are sitting idle in a room and have nothing to do but to just remember those moments where you find yourself in someone’s lap. The color of pink of the city was so attractive like a girl wearing the best dress of her time which glows in pink color. The pink is not just symbolic but kinda spreading the message of love and tranquility and if any in dream of you see this girl wearing those pink attire, you just not want to lose your time and temperament but to hold the moment in those silent hours and hug her so tightly that the lips just lock to the tune of pink music. I don’t know what I am talking about but the feeling was supreme to immerse myself in those pink lagoons. I was really attracted towards the color of this beautiful city.

       The Places I could Cover

The places which I captured are in this sequence, though last month spent fully to capture those beautiful moments, now I have a bag full of images which I will be uploading as I am back to Delhi.

  1. The Statue Circle
  2. The Albert Hall – Museum
  3. The Patrika Gate
  4. The World Trade Park – Mall
  5. The Vidhyadhar Bagh
  6. The Sisodiya Rani Garden
  7. The Amber Fort
  8. The Jaigarh Fort
  9. The Nahargarh Fort
  10. The Hawa Mahal
  11. The Jantar Mantar
  12. The Galata Ji – Holy Place
  13. The Old City – Char Diwari

These are above few to name it but in reality, I have tried capture hell lot of Jaipur from one corner to another one. I will be posting and defining the city in very much detail with an altogether different paradigm in different parts so I can be detailed in one place and don’t want to miss anything. I will be uploading in the sequence mentioned above with part A, B, C etc.

As I have hell lot of collection of images in my pocket which will require time to edit and write something interesting. After coming to Delhi I have decided to focus first on Jaipur Project and then, later on, start shooting the next project which I promised to you guys it will be The City Of Nawabs i.e. Lucknow. So Lucknow will be captured after I can finish my Project Jaipur, till then Delhi Belly and then Nawabi. Cya guys in the first part of the Project – Jaipur The Pink City – Part A (The Statue Circle).


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