Photographer diary

Photographer’s Diary

A place so worthy to capture & remember : Hunder @ Nubra Valley Ladakh …. From the biker , photographer and traveler’s Diary

Going through all the doldrums and finally after so many struggles if you make a plan to visit such a beautiful place – Ladakh Kashmir (India) then it is an un-expressable and unimaginable feeling which cannot be just expressed in words so thought to capture it through my camera’s view finder. There were lots of places which were captured and stored in the tiny memory stick of camera. Being a photographer and traveler by heart, this following photograph shows the inherent love for life and photography (From the Photographer’s diary)


The place is at Hunder @ Nubra Valley – Ladakh

A Biker’s soul is ignited when he passes through all those tough Himalayan terrains and all kinds of roads, and then his attention is focused on a quote written on a carved and painted stone. The quote as the image shows : ” Life is like photograph, you need negatives to develop it”. I think the most true a quote it is. Thanks first of all to BRO for making such typical terrain through the Himalayan beauty and writing such types of inspiring quotes which always gives positive energy to ride bike with full attention, energy and positivity. Same is applicable to our life journey also and photographs are called the real reflection of life.

The Ladakh trip was full of experiences and learning throughout, this is just an iota of those moments which I have captured on this ridding trip. In continuation to the above series, there will be many more to follow.

Thank you and all the very best to the riders, photographers and all lovable people and travelers ….



10 thoughts on “Photographer’s Diary

  1. I instantly get jealous to someone who has ever travelled to Ladhakh. :/ Keep up the good work though. It’s dope. (y) 🙂

  2. Feels like experiencing ladakh vibes through your beautiful words…
    Keep growing and the most important thing keep developing negatives…❤

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