Life of a fossil

Life of a fossil

It is matter of chance that you have your camera in your hand and moving on the shore of sea and you found this , dnt know really what goes on the mind but you really want to frame it. While observing the click you just getting deeper and deeper into the thoughts and imagination that each and every thing on this planet is so beautiful that if we ignore the real essence of it we are just fooling ourselves. A fossil is in that corner of life space and sometime we neglect it being a scrap but for a photographer it is not just a bunch of scrap but a deeper sense it carries. When mixed with the waves of sea it defines it true nature as free floating which does wants to enjoy the bonding it carries with it along with sea. It tells us that this world is full of oceanatic opportunities and we cannot simply neglect it because sometime things are scrap in nature. It tells us that we should be more objective in our choices to define our life not because something is not useful as it appears but to choose what it carries with itself.

The fossil carries sense of content and feeling of detachment also when it departs from its real root with sea. When it departs from sea and just rest on the shore that time also it never forgets it’s root and impressions it carries from it’s root of sea…



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