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Dream of a flower


This is one of the best photos of a flower I have captured till now from the experience whatever I have learnt. When I look at this picture deeply the only thing which comes in my mind is “what could have been its dream as it wakes up in the morning”.

So I thought of writing something which I could imagine when I clicked it. Something which underlines the real meaning of a flower and now this blog is dedicated to this flower family.

It’s a dream of beauty, a beauty well defined in colors and nature. It’s a dream of a flower to get locked itself into the frame of a photographer. This flower I observed during my trip to beautiful region of Ladakh in J&K-India. I could not resist myself to capture it and define its dream to spread its fragrance. The dream of a flower is magnificent as it has lived its life for the loved one. The love, which is deep, rooted into their vein, which builds its fragrance to spread the love in this world. The flower has to live to give message to the world that the love and peace is supreme to it and it has already sacrificed its life for it. The beauty and dream of the flower is not for it but for the world so it can spread message of love and peace.

 We all have come through various times where we experience happiness, belonging of our closed ones, sorrow and sadness in life but best part of life is that it moves on. The person who understands the importance of life that the happiness & sadness are all part and particle of life and ultimate aim of our life is to give back to the society. Best learning from a flower, it gives back to the society without asking for anything in return. It wakes up every morning and spread the best fragrance it posses.

Sun is the best friend of a flower which makes the flower alive and pumps the energy into it. Everybody is connected with each other so as to live together in this beautiful world. Our aim should be to make this world a beautiful place to live for future generations and make it a place worthy of Peace. The peace is a core message of a flower to this world.

            When a flower is about to enter into this life to open its wings, First it feels the warmth of Sun to energize itself for ages. It makes itself strong so as to survive long and service the world with full intent. These two flowers below are waiting for their time to enter into this beautiful life and ready to open their feathers

And now it is ready and opened its wings in this world, the message it clear that every morning along with sun life will start to meet its objective and every day with moonlight life will rest for the day.



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