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Bird’s View and Life

Before I tell something about this blog on birds and Photography, I ask you to watch this video –

So what you saw! The birds filled with different aspects of life and vibrant colour of nature.
This is very early in the morning and I am writting this blog. This is related to one of my latest photowalk to look closer to the lives of the birds and what they mean in our life.

This photowalk came after a long halt from Photography because of some other unavoidable reasons but I dnt want to go to that part. I was really feeling myself while driving to this place near Jaipur around 30 away from main city life. The place is situated in the outskirt of Jaipur with its serenity and tranquility and the name of the place is Chandlai – Chakasu Jaipur.
While driving all the way from national capital to state capital and then this small village which is having this beautiful lake and simplicity of people in the village. This old man helped me to understand about the village, the chandlai lake and the migratory birds which the lake observes during the winter of the year.

The old man showed the route to lake and where I could find most of the birds to capture. While walking through the damaged route along the bank of the river , I found these children playing to the tune of the day. They all were so generous and innocent. There is not an iota of doubt that our villages have far better people and especially the children compared to our city life. All were so tempted to see the camera in my hand and just wanted to get clicked .

I reached to a very calm place and far from the main road along the bank of the lake. I sat down for few minutes just to observe the serenity of the place and nearby sounds. There was merely any sound other than those of birds otherwise place was quite.

I put on the camera in full zoom and clicked this bird which was swimming all the way from one corner of the lake to other corner. The swimming was eternal to this bird and it just wanted to enjoy the life as it comes its way.

Some birds were taking the life at full stretch and wanted to live with full feather opened to show to the world that it was their water where they fulfilled their desires.

In the midst of the corner , I found this cute and beautiful bird which was enjoying the moment and tranquility at its own terms.

The bird was walking all the way alone with deep thinking that life is precious gift of god and we should be thankful to him. The bird wanted to search the real meaning and essence of life in the water. It wanted to search every places

It wanted to thank this lake and it’s water which had given it the space to survive and live its life on its own terms . The bird wanted to walk like a princess and very happy to see its reflection in the water. The reflection which depicted the real meaning of bird’s life. The reflection with which it could play into this water.

Just like we human reflect our life in some or other forms , these birds also have lots in common to reflect the true meaning of their lives.

It had come to a place where the day was approaching towarfs the end and bird wanted to take halt at one place. It had done all the hard work through out the day to search food , play with its mates. It was time to wind up and rest for the day but for that also they had to search a convenient place and they found it. It was necessary to regain the energy for the next beautiful day to come and enjoy!!!

Thank you guys for having patience and reading my blog. Your support always prompt me to try out of my limits and look at the life from “Bird’s Point of View”

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Thank you once again and looking forward to hear from you….

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  1. Such a nice and well thought blog! Plus the pictures are really amazing! There is meaning to everything if we think about it!

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