Awakening Dream

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 The Bigger Picture

In continuation of my latest Project: The Pink City through the eyes of a photographer and a dream. I would like to go a little bit off stream here by taking you through my dream, life, passion, and love for photography here. I will be uploading here the photographer’s gears with a view of Jaipur – The Love City.

The camera here in this photo is something I put my heart out. I still remember that day. When I even did not know the basic DSLR functions. What miracle it could create, but today it is more than a life for me. Today I am able to connect the life with it.

Reason to survive…

I never knew someday or other I would find a reason to smell and understand the real meaning of breathing. Basically, I was a person whose life was just simply the consequences of situations and timelapse. It was a kind of mundane lifestyle for me. What is more, expected from a person who lifted himself from a lower middle class? Who becomes the so-called hardcore mechanical engineer. Who entered into the corporate world. The world which was never made for him. Though initially, those hefty salaries after coming out of college can be lucrative and tempting. And you feel like this is the only life.

I never regret my life. I am really thankful to my corporate life which made me a real human in totality today. But still, that monotonous lifestyle is just to follow for and can’t satisfy the inner beauty of the mighty soul. Maybe this was just a destiny but I believe more on myself just than to leave everything in the end to destiny. That’s the bigger picture. Those were the amazing satisfying days of life spent in Pune and working hard to deliver in those corporate gimmicks. Somewhere life was deciding something else which can make the soul in peace and connect to beauty or god.

Way back in 2015…

Basically, whatever I am today, it all because of the company I was surrounded with and the inner strength, values I carried with me. Those days of doldrum were made to end and some friends who came in contact really made me understand the real essence of life. I started roaming the places before that I used to be kind of self-contained person who did not feel to move from one place to another. Those days were the starting days of understanding the depth and meaning of what is life all about. When you travel and roam from place to place, you really find some iota of time to understand the essence of the soul.


These were the days when I picked up the CAMERA first time and could figure out the difference in what a DSLR world is all about. When I first time pressed the shutter button and the sound it produced was really heart touching. I can never forget that moment in my life. We always entangle our lives in small nuances that we always forget the bigger picture. That was the day when I felt deeply about life and started understanding the real meaning of life. Whether I should call it destiny or something I could plan but one thing was clear I wanted to give my heart to this dream. It was more of an awakening dream for me which made me realize sleeping human in me.

Way Forward…

I am progressing to furnish and nurture this dream day by day, I know the process is not at all easy and there will be lots of struggle but this is something I wanna live my life for and my strength is my passion and love which in any situation motivates me. My strength is support of all you people l, Thank you so much for always be with me and support my work.


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