The world is full of opportunities to look around. For a photographer, this universe is open to all kinds of opportunities especially when we talk about Architectural photography. A travel photographer’s eye is an eye of an eagle to look for the mind blowing view. Architecture photography is the kind wherein the structures, the lines, the geometries, the shapes attract you. Main aspect is the perspective and angle to look into the depth and shape of the building to make it alive for the viewer.





Every time I look at the structure it tells me a story behind its construction. It tells me the time and ages it has stood like this. It has seen an era from their inception to this world; these structures have seen every single change in the world. How the world has changed from its monochromatic design to the colorful structures and more modern outlook of the architectural design.


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img_7318 img_7267-copy img_7320

The lines and curves of Qutub Minar are rising up and very high to the infinite sky. Every minute detailing of work and shapes defines the creator’s efforts in presenting the work to the world. Just like the music which defines particular pattern, rhythm and flow, architectural structures also defines the way it represent the pattern, rhythm and flow in their construction.



The building depicts the most simplicity in more complex lattice scenario and represents a lyrical & classical memoir in its purest form. Every spectator is a mere observant of this mammoth effort the creator has put into.
It is a desire and ambition of a photographer to click the way he perceives the structure in his imagination so as to allow the observant to experience the feeling, the perseverance the clicker has put in.
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Its curves and shapes are flowing infinitesimally & rising towards the continuum sky in the momentum to touch and feel the limitless sky. It is a desire and feeling they explain to the human that look we never back down and always aspire to rise high up and above. There is lot to tell from these structures in continuum.